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We find privacy and personal data protection as one of our most important duties and we use personal data only in full compliance with the applicable legislation. The purpose of this document is particularly to provide you with information about the type of personal data we collect and about the way we treat personal data, from what sources we obtain them and for what purposes we use them, to whom we are authorised to disclose them, where you can obtain information on your personal data processed by us, and what are the individual security options for each registered user of ABC Smart IT (hereinafter referred to as "Administrator").

What personal data do we collect?

Personal data used for registered user identification (identification data) and personal data enabling contacts with the registered user (contact data); Identification data include name, surname, nickname, information about the state from which was a registered user registered, the city, language and the invite code, which will be collected even in the situation when it will not be shown to the prospective registered user during the registration, even in a case when there will not be any demand for it by the Administrator shown during the registration Contact data include in particular e-mail address and other similar information. The provision of personal data by a registered user, or a prospective registered user, is entirely voluntary, however, it is a prerequisite for the execution of any business transaction or the provision of any service. The Administrator does not provide personal data to other subjects than to those mentioned in this part and to those which are entitled directly by law.

Where from does the Administrator obtain personal data?

From a registered user or a prospective registered users.

For what purposes does the Administrator use and process personal data?

For purposes relating to contacting registered users, particularly providing actual information about new products and services of the Administrator. For its own internal needs, especially to perform analyses and risks evaluations, to protect its rights and interests protected by law, to monitor the quality of services and the satisfaction of registered users, and to optimise the provided services and products. For business purposes, e.g. for the development of new products targeted at the registered users' needs.

How does the Administrator protect personal data?

Personal data are under physical and electronic control of the Administrator. This combination of protections provides very high standard of protection of processed data against unauthorised access or transmission, against their loss or destruction, as well as against other possible forms of abuse. All persons coming into contact with the personal data of registered users while performing their work duties or contractually assumed obligations are bound by a non-disclosure obligation under the law or a confidentiality agreement.

To whom does the Administrator provide personal data?

To the registered user PATRON (hereinafter referred to as "PAT"), who made it possible for the registered user INVITED, or the prospective registered user INVITED (both hereinafter referred to as "INV"), to join the database "Join Something New " by providing him/her his/her own invite code. Only to this specific PAT is the Administrator allowed to provide personal data of the INV, who was invited by this specific PAT by providing his/her own invite code to this INV. With the registered user's consent or at his/her own request, personal data can be provided also to other entities. The Administrator will not provide personal data to other subjects than to those mentioned in this part and to those legally entitled directly by law.

For how long will the Administrator keep personal data?

Only for the period of time which is necessary to keep the personal data in order to fulfill the purpose of personal data collecting.

Do registered users have access to their personal data and what are the obligations of the Administrator?

The registered user may request information about how his/her personal data are used and processed by the Administrator by contacting the Administrator through the e-mail address which is included in this document. The Administrator will generate such information in the extent as stipulated by law without unnecessary delay and will send it by e-mail to the registered user. The Administrator is entitled to compensation of the costs associated with the provision of such information. If the registered user finds out or deems that his/her rights have been infringed or that the obligations stipulated by law have been violated within the processing of personal data on the part of the Administrator, the registered user may seek remedy of the same, while utilising all means available under the applicable legislation.

Where can registered users get more detailed information and/or make objections to personal data processing?

Registered users can send an e-mail to the Administrator 's e-mail address which is included in this document. Registered users who want to make objections against personal data processing or revoke their prior consent shall send an e-mail to the Administrator's e-mail address which is included in this document.

How does the Administrator inform about the principles and the rules for personal data processing and protection?

These principles are published at; The rules of personal data processing and protection are explained to prospective registered users during the process of registration

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