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ABC Smart is a brand name of a project developed by Landford Limited Company in 2012. Later the company was reorganized and renamed in ABCSMART Inc. Officially the company is called ABCMART Inc., but the subdivision Landford Limited still exists and consists mainly of a team of developers.

You get your winning to your wallet in one of supported payment systems (OKPay, PerfectMoney etc.) From these systems you can make a SWIFT transfer to any bank in the world or even transfer directly to a valid Visa/Master card.

Our company has the income from selling realty objects and travel tours, but not from attaining partners of ABC Smart. The aim of the project is to present a wide set of services and make it accessible to everyone.

It depends on marketing plan and matrix type. If you have chosen travel marketing plan you will earn 3000 Euro. If you have chosen realty plan with entry fee 500 Euro you will earn 30000 Euro. Please take a look at realty and travel marketing plans for more details.

There is no minimum balance required. We pay you after you close your matrix. You can view your balance at any time through your control panel.

You can start earning as soon as you sign up. You will receive the referral link; you will need to refer customers and affiliates to us immediately.

Please contact one of our certified agents.

  1. Register account(s) and remember account ID(s)
  2. Send money + commissions to our agent and inform us about your intention to pay via MoneyGram
  3. Tell the agents account IDs
  4. The agent receives money and makes a payment into our system (via OKPay, PerfectMoney etc.)
  5. We activate your account(s)


ABCSMART Inc. is absolutely legal, you can find our certifcates of incorporation on the start page. We are not a scam. This project has some aspects of networking, because any MLM project is a network. Please talk with our agents, read reviews in Internet. Check Web Site traffic and other relevant info. We work already more than three years.

You can use contact form or send an email to support@abcsmart.biz. The official company address you can find at the end of our privacy policy.

we have agents which have their offices around the world. Our IT department is in Germany.

These documents are the property of the company. We do not publish them on the project web sites, to avoid problems with the rival projects. But if you work with us for and have a good reputation, please send an email request to sales@abcsmart.biz.


The company is registered in Belize City, Belize.

Select the preferred Payment System for initial payments and receiving Funds