As a result of analytical marketing research aimed at finding the most effective concept of building a business, the international company «LANDFORD LIMITED» developed a unique system of vortex marketing. This system has no analogues in the world and includes:

  • — Universal marketing strategy
  • — Instant return on investment
  • — System transparency
  • — Absence of pyramidal structure
  • — Long-term cooperation
Marketing plan «X-LINE» consists of two programs: Vortex and Capital.

Business Plan «Vortex»

Entry fee for this program is 40 euro. You take a place in the center of the spiral. Invited partners are placed on the spiral turns. You immediately return the invested money after inviting the first referral. You can instantly withdraw money through one of the payment systems provided by this project. For the second and the third invited partner your sponsor earns 40 euro. For the fourth partner you earn 40 euro, for the fifth and the sixth partner your sponsor earns 40 euro and so on.

In the situation shown on the image above, you earn 40 euro from the partners with number 1 and 4. Partners with number 2, 3 and 5 provide an income for your sponsor.

After your referral invites his second and third partner in the project you earn 40 euro, 20 of which can be instantly withdrawn. The other 20 euro is credited to the internal account. As soon as your internal account has 200 euro, you get a new position in the next program Capital. From this point, you earn in two programs simultaneously. The quantity of partners in the program is not limited. This aspect enables passive income for almost all of the partners.

Business Plan «Capital»

In the program Capital you take a place in the center of a module, which consists of 11 sectors. Two ways for entering the program:

  • 1. Transfer from Vortex while accumulating 200 euro. This amount is the entry fee for the program
  • 2. You can enter the program bypassing the program Vortex. In this case the entry fee is 250 euro

The income in this program is 1400 euro plus 200 euro for reinvest. The module is filled by your referrals from the Vortex program or by partners who acquired accounts directly in Capital. Besides that, each time your main account in the program Vortex accumulates 200 euro, you get one place in the program Capital. This place is automatically put in the module of your main account. After finishing the module you are transferred into the module of your sponsor and take a place in the center of the module. In this way, you earn 1400 euro repeatedly.

In Capital, there is a possibility of a step-by-step payouts. With your consent, you will be instantly charged 180 euro for each partner in the outer circle. The outer circle is formed by numbers 3-10 (see image). You do not need to wait until the whole module is finished. In this case, your whole income by closing the module in one time is 1260 euro.

While overtaking your sponsor in Vortex, i.e. in case when your sponsor have no position in Capital, you are transferred into the module of the higher sponsor. However, if this sponsor has also no position in Capital, you go into a separate branch. In this case, you are charged 100 euro bonus as a hyper active partner and become a leader in your branch. The active bonus can be instantly withdrawn.


«X-LINE» - a profitable business with minimal investment with no risk, it guarantees stable and almost unlimited profits.

The project mission: intermediate investment, property acquisition, booking tours and buying cars.