Official Agents

All partners shown below are official agents of the company, ABCSMART INC.(Landford Limited), for registration support via payments systems not included into the project. This means, if you have difficulties while paying the entry fee of the project, you may contact one of our agents. You tell him or her your temporary ID and make money transfer in the preferred way. After receiving money, the agent makes a payment in the system and your business account becomes active.

For American partners, would be particularly interesting the system MoneyGram

Andres Ramirez

Name: Andres Ramirez

Country: Venezuela

Tel.: +584241628728

Skype: andres.ramirez170891

Languages: Spanish, English

Web Site:andres.e.ramirez.75

Ахметова Оксана

Name: Ахметова Оксана

Country: Russian Federation

Tel.: +79204938683

Skype: oksik1324

Hector Osorio

Name: Hector Osorio

Country: Venezuela

Tel.: +584140378619

Skype: hector.osorio30

Languages: Spanish, English

Web Site:Facebook Profile