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Official Agents

All partners shown below are official agents of the company, ABCSMART INC.(Landford Limited), for registration support via payments systems not included into the project. This means, if you have difficulties while paying the entry fee of the project, you may contact one of our agents. You tell him or her your temporary ID and make money transfer in the preferred way. After receiving money, the agent makes a payment in the system and your business account becomes active.

For American partners, would be particularly interesting the system MoneyGram.

For further information, please contact IT Support in skype: support.abcsmart

Ольга Соколова

Name: Ольга Соколова

Country: Russian Federation

Tel.: +79271022358

Skype: olga87969

Web Site:

Волосюк Александр Васильевич

Name: Волосюк Александр

Country: Ukraine

Tel.: +380930493860

Skype: a.volosuyk


Сергин Татьяна

Name: Сергин Татьяна

Country: Ukraine

Tel.: +380688087947

Skype: sergin62

Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, Finger Language

Малкова Наталья

Name: Малкова Наталья

Country: Russian Federation

Tel.: +79995669219

Skype: topor_67

Languages: Russian, Finger Language

Елена Валерьевна Сыропятова

Name: Елена Валерьевна Сыропятова

Country: Russian Federation

Tel.: +79090058649

Skype: lenulenca

Languages: Russian, Finger Language

Web Site:

Ахметова Оксана

Name: Ахметова Оксана

Country: Russian Federation

Tel.: +79204938683

Skype: oksik1324

Овинова Александра

Name: Овинова Александра

Country: Russian Federation

Tel.: +79328413484

Skype: Sashamlm1

Languages: Russian

Web Site:

Филатова Ирина Николаевна

Name: Филатова Ирина Николаевна

Country: Russian Federation

Tel.: +79277666075

Skype: marish_ka2005mlm

Languages: Russian

Web Site:

Алексей Игоревич

Name: Алексей Игоревич

Country: Ukraine

Tel.: +380978723712

Skype: iivanov1234321

Languages: Russian

Zulu Belahonia Joya

Name: Zulu Belahonia Joya

Country: Peru

Tel.: +51971717330

Skype: zulumineguii

Languages: Spanish

Web Site:belahoniazulu

Gio Augusto PoloCampos

Name: Gio Augusto PoloCampos

Country: Peru

Tel.: +51945122107

Skype: giopolocampos

Languages: Spanish, English

Web Site:

Татьяна Галимова

Name: Татьяна Галимова

Country: Russian Federation

Tel.: +79236251231

Skype: ladi-dai

Web Site:

Pritam Tewaney

Name: Pritam Tewaney

Country: Panama, India

Tel.: +507-66754701


Languages: English, Spanish

Victoria Melnik

Name: Victoria Melnik

Country: Italy

Tel.: +380994116702

Skype: viktoria16108

Languages: Italian, Russian

Oksana Kravchenko

Name: Oksana Kravchenko

Country: Spain

Tel.: +34 696554181

Skype: ksusha25021972

Languages: Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian

Glenda Sato Cuayzon

Name: Glenda Sato Cuayzon

Country: Israel

Tel.: 00972 0503124984

Skype: lovers.arba

Languages: English, Hebrew, Tagalog, Visayan

Web Site:

Белошицкий Андрей Дмитриевич

Name: Белошицкий Андрей Дмитриевич

Country: Ukraine

Tel.: +380939009012, +380984600492

Skype: dronesbox

Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English

Web Site:

Franchot Dennis Peters Holder

Name: Franchot Dennis Peters Holder

Country: Panama

Tel.: +507-66348757

Skype: soyrino

Languages: English, Spanish

Jose Guadalupe Carrillo Escareno

Name: Jose Guadalupe Carrillo

Country: Mexico

Tel.: +524921033460

Skype: jdante31

Languages: Spanish, English

Luis Alberto Vargas Flores

Name: Luis Alberto
  Vargas Flores

Country: Mexico

Tel.: +52 5528442183

Skype: aegmexico

Languages: Spanish

Web Site:Join My Network


Name: Paz Mirta Aydee

Country: Argentina

Tel.: +5492995125427

Skype: multipesos1

Languages: Spanish

Web Site:

Jesus Homer Francisco Santiago Jr

Name: Jesus Homer Francisco Santiago Jr

Country: Philippines

Tel.: 09202822775

Skype: santiago22831

Languages: English, Bicol, Arabic, Tagalog

Web Site:

Genelyn Y. Gucela

Name: Genelyn Y. Gucela

Country: Philippines

Tel.: +639269390460, +639204019147

Languages: English

Дьячкова Ирина Леонидовна

Name: Дьячкова Ирина Леонидовна

Country: Ukraine

Tel.: +380509643660

Skype: severova78

Languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English

Web Site:

Rayisa Gunece

Name: Rayisa Gunece

Country: Turkey

Tel.: +90 505 125 04 75

Skype: raissottorayisa

Languages: Turkish, Russian

Web Site:

Melfrank Alojado Lugod

Name: Melfrank Alojado Lugod

Country: Philippines

Tel.: +63-905-967-5464

Skype: xmellowgold

Languages: English, Pilipino,
Tagalog, Visayan

Web Site:

Edilberto D. Lorenzo Jr.

Name: Edilberto D. Lorenzo Jr.

Country: Philippines

Tel.: +63 998 5452317

Tel. 2: +63 926 7346542

Skype: jonlorenzo2011

Languages: English, Tagalog

Web Site:AEG Team Philippines

Teresita Banal Alcantara

Name: Teresita Banal Alcantara

Country: Philippines

Tel.: +63 9076052343

Skype: swateresita

Languages: English, Tagalog, Pilipino

Web Site:

Orlando Guerrero

Name: Orlando Guerrero

Country: Venezuela

Tel.: +584127816765

Skype: ogdiamond

Languages: English, Spanish, German

Web Site:

Jose Gabriel Porras Soplapuco

Name: Jose Gabriel Porras Soplapuco

Country: Peru

Tel.: +51942192365

Skype: brahirjhoseporras

Languages: Spanish

Web Site:

Mihaela Madalina Ceplinsche

Name: Mihaela Madalina Ceplinsche

Country: Spain, Romania

Tel.: +34 6235 02834

Skype: maryna.mihaela

Languages: Spanish, Greek, English, Romanian, French

Web Site:

Denis Villarreal

Name: Denis Villarreal

Country: Venezuela

Tel.: +584129521439

Skype: denis.villarreal075

Languages: Spanish, English


Maria de los Angeles Rodriguez

Name: Maria de los Angeles Rodriguez

Country: Bolivia

Tel.: 00591-75307346

Skype: mariadelosangeles9911

Languages: Spanish


Griausliene Loreta Prano

Name: Griausliene Loreta Prano

Country: Lithuania

Tel.: +370 684 77419

Skype: autoimperija1

Languages: Lithuanian, Russian

Web Site:AutoEmpireGroup.Lietuva

Tatiana Doina

Name: Tatiana Doina

Country: Spain

Tel.: +34669996111

Skype: tatyanado

Languages: Spanish, Romanian, Russian

Web Site:

Andres Ramirez

Name: Andres Ramirez

Country: Venezuela



Languages: Spanish, English

Robert Scroggins Wagner

Name: Robert Scroggins Wagner

Country: Dominican Republic

Tel.: +1 809 231 7250

Skype: robert_scroggins_wagner

Web Site:

Fressy Velásquez Mendoza

Name: Fressy Velásquez Mendoza

Country: Peru

Tel.: +51953939800

Skype: techyvelmen

Web Site:

Hector Osorio

Name: Hector Osorio

Country: Venezuela

Tel.: +584140378619

Skype: hector.osorio30

Languages: Spanish, English

Web Site:

Dinia Amanda Avila Villatoro

Name: Dinia Amanda Avila Villatoro

Country: Guatemala

Tel.: +502 54176431

Skype: dinia.avila

Languages: Spanish

Macarie Mihai Mitza

Name: Macarie Mihai Mitza

Country: Romania, Spain

Skype: mitzamacarieeugen

Languages: Romanian, Spanish

Jesus Ronco Sastre

Name: Jesus Ronco Sastre

Country: France

Tel.: +34 696603215

Languages: French, Spanish

Roland Canas

Name: Roland Canas

Country: Italy

Skype: roland.canas

Languages: Spanish, Italian, English

Web Site: