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International company "LANDFORD LIMITED" presents the innovative project AUTO EMPIRE GROUP.

The staff of “LANDFORD LIMITED” strives to meet the needs of clients in all areas of human life. In our programs we have combined all important segments of human life; we give everyone the opportunity to materialize his own desires. We are creating new standards of life, offering our partners to realize any needs while having a possibility to choose among the preferable investment methods.

During its short period of existence, the company has established itself as a stable, honest, lawful, interested not only in its growth but also in the growth of its partners. We provide each partner a growth perspective not only in the material sense but also in personal growth. For successful business development in the company, highly qualified specialists with huge knowledge and experience in the corresponding fields have been chosen.

Having collected the best working experience of all multilevel marketing projects, the team of “LANDFORD LIMITED” created an entirely original and effective for each member marketing system. aimed basically at the car segment of the consumer market.

Participation in the project AUTO EMPIRE GROUP gives the opportunity to make profit from the investment already in the first stages of the project, as well as to earn on a personal car in short terms.

In 2015 all ownership rights were acquired by ABCSMART Incorporation (INC.). There was a legal reorganization of the company into "ABCSMART INC.", which gives us more freedom and transparency in relations with other financial organizations.

"LANDFORD LIMITED" will show up for some time in all our developments, but the official owner of all projects ABC Smart, Auto Empire Group and X-Line is ABCSMART INC.

Official company corporate bank account in Belize:
Account holder: ABCSMART INC.
Account number: USD A/C 105161
Bank Name: Choice Bank Limited

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Certificates of Incorporation